Anal Gatekeeper a new bulking agent for faecal incontinence

Fabiani B., Menconi C.D.E., Giani I. & Naldini G.
Colorectal Disease, 16 (Suppl. 3), 37-105, V04

Anal Gatekeeper is a bulking agent recently introduced for Faecal Incontinence (FI). The aim is to present our initially experience with this new device.

All our patients are included in a prospective maintained database. Those patients affected by minor faecal incontinence without large perianal disruption were included. Six prosthesis are introduced in the intersphincteric space up to the levator ani plane, all around the anal canal. The surgical procedure was ecographically assisted.

Between March 2013 and April 2014, seven patients were treated: four complained passive faecal incontinence, two active and one mixed. No intra or post operative complication were reported as any Gatekeeper displacement. At a mean follow up of 6,2 months, six patients reported a Wexner incontinence score under the value of 4 and only one patient affected by mixed incontinence did not showed any change.

Anal Gatekeeper implantation is a mini-invasive technique for FI. It seems to be a feasible, simple and promising treatment. To evaluate its efficacy a higher number of patients and longer F-U are mandatory.