Doppler-guided ligation of the hemorrhoidal arteries. Report of experiences with 248 patients

Lienert M., Ulrich B.
Dtsch Med. Wochenschr. 2004 Apr. 23; 129 (17): 947-50

Since the beginning of 2001, Doppler-guided ligation of the hemorrhoidal arteries has been used at this clinic in almost all patients with various forms of hemorrhoidal disease. Aim of this study was to ascertain whether this intervention can be done without general anaesthesia, the hemorrhoidal knots regress and this procedure provides advantages over the classical methods of treating hemorrhoids.

Early results of Doppler-guided ligation in 248 patients are presented. Through a special proctoscope the arteries leading to the hemorrhoidal cushions are located in the pain-free rectum under Doppler guidance and suture ligated. The form of anaesthesia, duration of the operation, numbers and sites of the ligatures, additional interventions and postoperative complications were recorded.

171 patients (69%) needed no anaesthesia. 147 patients (Without additional interventions) were re-examined 6 weeks after the operation: 61.2% were free of symptoms. A total of 87.7% were at least improves. The complication rate was low.

In our experience Doppler-guided ligation has been a well tolerated efficacious method with few complications in the ambulatory treatment of hemorrhoids. The ideal indication for this methods is nonprolapsing hemorrhoids.