Consensus Statement of the Italian Society of Colorectal Surgery (SICCR): Management and Treatment of Hemorrhoidal Disease

Gallo G., Martellucci J., Sturiale A., Giordano P, et al.
Tech Coloproctol. 2020 Feb; 24(2):145-164

Hemorrhoidal disease (HD) is the most common proctological disease in the Western countries. However, its real prevalence is underestimated due to the frequent self-medication.The aim of this consensus statement is to provide evidence-based data to allow an individualized and appropriate management and treatment of HD. The strategy used to search for evidence was based on application of electronic sources such as MEDLINE, PubMed, Cochrane Review Library, CINAHL, and EMBASE.These guidelines are inclusive and not prescriptive. The recommendations were defined and graded based on the current levels of evidence and in accordance with the criteria adopted by American College of Chest Physicians. The recommendations were graded A, B, and C.